HR & Payroll Software

Nexode delivers the finest HR & Payroll software to help improve your workforce management efficiently. Whether you are looking for a HR software, HRMS (Human Resource & Payroll Management software), WPS Compliance, Wage Protection System, Payroll software or convenient payroll service, our integrated solutions embrace a flexible Human Resources management system. These benefits improve your Administration and Payroll processing functionalities along with a Workforce Portal, Powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence tools embedded in our application.

Features of our HR & Payroll Software

  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee self-services and communication with employees.
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Travel requirements
  • Employee engagements – performance appraisal / Talent Management
  • Managing training requirements
  • HR Analytic requirements
  • Performance Management for the employees
  • Recruitment Management and offer roll-outs.
  • Payroll Solution Management